Network Security and Cyber Security Solutions

Network Security and Cyber Security Solutions

Today’s offices become more digitally integrated and further utilize the internet for communication and productivity of their businesses – which is prone to cyber-attacks and security breaches.  AMTI’s proactive and holistic approach to security includes advising cybersecurity strategy, detecting, identifying and remediating threats, deploying the right technology, and achieving operational readiness to protect from malicious attack. AMTI’s partnership with globally recognized technological brands shall provide you with the best package solutions to address your business’ security needs. 

Secure your network from unauthorized intrusion, safeguard data, detect and prevent your devices from malware and viruses.

Analyze and track data activity in real time from a wide array of data sources.

Define security policies and control network access effectively and efficiently.

Prevent unauthorized access to your network and maintain service operability and integrity.

End-to-end authentication and protection of sensitive data transmitted across channels and devices.

Protecting data within the corporate network from unauthorized use and access.

Detailed view of application risks that allow organizations to recognize threats and to fully protect their system.

Consultative approach to assist companies complies with the DPA through the application of well-defined processes and tools.

Analyze and secure massive volumes of data in real time from external and internal sources to identify potential threats to an organization.

This process helps organizations identify and resolve potential threats in their network and systems.

Permanent data erasure and drive sanitization accredited by over 20 international security agencies worldwide.

A facility and a team of cybersecurity experts and engineers that analyzes and monitors all virtual infrastructures or data activities in a workplace.

A full range of service by providing security information (data protection, threat monitoring, intrusion prevention systems, firewall, and other security systems) to businesses to protect their tangible and intangible assets.

Application Security is a process or tool that aims to protect critical data and prevent security vulnerabilities of software applications that an organization uses.