Advance Premises Protection System (APPS)

Advance Premises Protection System (APPS)

Ensuring the security and safety of facilities and assets is substantial in any business operations. AMTI’s innovative and smart perimeter (surveillance, lighting, and intrusion detection) solutions offer IP level integration, allowing companies to leverage their network infrastructure for extended reach, better control, and management. AMTI’s Advanced Premises Protection System (APPS) is able to provide any organization, establishment, or institution with tailor-fit products and solutions that range from premises access and protection, lighting, structured cabling, and connectivity.

All-in-one camera operated for both day and night and equipped with thermal and optical sensors, high performing of surveillance and detection capabilities.

Equipment that allows you to control a network of video cameras or other sources for better surveillance and security.

A physical cabling design that delivers flexibility and scalability to manage the moves, adds, and changes of a network environment.

PIDS enables accurate detection of unauthorized entry and automates response to deter intruders and protect valuable assets within the perimeter.

Connects LED lights via an IP network to an Alarm Processing Unit or any sensors for an automatic response when it detects a valid event. The Integration is done via SDK or API.

A system and device designed to quickly detect fire and alert individuals for a safe and proper evacuation.

An IoT level integration of several sensors to deliver the best surveillance, lightning, and intrusion detection solution for better monitoring, recording, and deterrent security functions.

A centralized system that provides access control to your premises using various technologies (RFID and Biometric) to secure your facility and assets and record movements of people and assets.