ICT Systems Integration

ICT Systems Integration

Primarily offered to Government projects, System Integration (SI) entails designing, deploying, and maintaining products, infrastructure, storage, security, and software. A holistic solution to improve one’s operations and requires participation and engagement of AMTI’s ecosystem of partners to ensure we meet their project objectives and successful implementation.

End-to-End design and delivery of highly scalable compute, storage, network & security systems which includes project management, installation and integration of business’ IT infrastructure, systems and applications.

This solution involves step-by-step processes – from planning, designing, building, to maintaining the facilities and infrastructure of a business’ data center.

Deployment of smart and intelligent technologies in cities which improve the safety and security, and deliver sustainability for a more developed urban operation and services to enhance the quality of life of its citizens.

This system connects multiple channels of communication within a business to deliver effective collaboration and seamless

A communication platform with a standard dashboard – integrating various communication channels, network response, dispatch, visibility, monitoring, and control.

A software-defined data center that seamlessly integrates private and public cloud data center infrastructure to achieve agility and elasticity.

Whether building a city or a province wide area network, wireless PTP, and PTM deliver the fastest solution to connect disparate locations.

A wireless broadband solution utilizes low-cost Point to Multipoint access technologies to deliver a reliable, scalable, high capacity, and ubiquitous wireless access solution.

A fast and modern approach in building software using microservices, containers, DevOps and continuous improvement, and development techniques to meet the ever changing needs of the line of business owners and customers.