Software Solutions & Gen AI Services

Software & GenAI Services

AMTI’s Software Solutions and Gen AI Services are explicitly designed to meet the needs of Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, and Government organizations that require quick deployment, efficient and streamlined operations and business innovation.

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Our HRIS solution supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. It simplifies employee management and optimizes HR processes with built-in data-driven decision-making capabilities and reporting. Businesses can easily manage employee profiles, track attendance and benefits, and analyze performance indicators. It is a complete system with an HR Operational function, Payroll, and Employee engagement module to give your HR a human touch.


Play a crucial role in the development and implementation of Gen AI technologies. These services ensure that data used to train Gen AI are accurate, relevant and reliable. At these stage, AMTI provides guidance and consultancy on data cleansing, data normalization and the building of data flow pipeline. These  services also includes data governance to manage risks, compliance and data ownership or privacy.

Once data has been cleaned and explored, AMTI helps automate the data Ingestion, preparation , modelling, training and inferencing by using a proven Data Science Platform to automate things in a structured way in order to extract the desired value from data to drive innovation, and optimize Business processes to gain a competitive business advantage.