Digital Transformation Collaborative Consulting Services (DX)

Digital Transformation Collaborative Consulting Services (DX)

Digital Transformation (DX) is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses and organizations since there is a need to adapt to the new ways of doing business driven by the superpowers of technology – Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and Edge/IoT. The pace at which technology and business are reshaping business landscape today poses a big challenge to any company and industry to stay competitive and relevant.

AMTI has invested in both human resource and technology to help customers in their digital transformation journey. Through our DX discovery workshop, a collaborative consulting activity using proven methodologies and techniques, we will conduct a deep dive analysis in any or in all of the four (4) Digital Transformation (Workforce, IT, Security and Applications) pillars to identify the gaps, architecture, technology and various steps and processes to deliver the desired business outcomes.

Major Brands

Develop a work culture that drives innovation for the improvement of productivity and job satisfaction by providing the right devices to the different user personas and providing secure access, management and patching  of any applications from any device and from any locations.

Build a firm, modern, and standard-based IT infrastructure with automation and orchestration capabilities that support the hybrid and multi-cloud type of deployment environments.

A simplified and end-to-end holistic security solution that focuses on prevention and applies micro-segmentation, AI, and ML technologies to decrease outside threats and effectively manage the security policies of any workload from any environment.

Application Transformation enables businesses to modernize their applications; responding quickly to market demands and opportunities through microservices, containers, APIs, DevOps, and CI- CD to deliver cloud-native agile business applications.