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With the shift from analog systems to digital configurations and network-based solutions, audio-visual providers are now required to uphold a thorough knowledge of information technology. To adapt to this and to many other changes in the global environment, AMTI incessantly harnesses new technologies to help organizations who are seeking ways to expand and transform through it.


One of these advances is the convergence of audio-visual technology and information technology (AVIT). This convergence is perhaps one of the most noteworthy developments in the IT industry. AV, from an entirely separate entity, has evolved into a sophisticated IT ecosystem for an efficient and reliable platform of communication and effective collaboration spaces.


AMTI aims to provide first-tier, up-to-date services with its new AVIT Solutions and Systems Integration. This emerging technology will aid in ensuring organizations keep up with the increasingly evolving global workplace by offering a comprehensive avenue for communication via an integrated system for exchanging ideas, decision-making, and collaboration that transcends spatial and temporal limitations.

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