Software Solutions

Software Solutions

AMTI’s Software Solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of Retail, Banking, Enterprise, and Government organizations that require quick to deploy,  efficient and streamlined operations.

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A comprehensive solution that supports businesses of all types (e.g., restaurants, retailers, grocery providers, etc.) and managing online orders and payments with integration of well-known payment gateways (i.e., Visa, Mastercard, GCash, etc.). It also assigns and tracks local delivery services or couriers and provides built-in business analytics to monitor sales and make better decisions. Our customers have complete control of their processes and own their customer database, without any charge in commissions as a business model, giving them the freedom to take control of their business and increase profits.

Our HRIS solution supports both on-premise and cloud-based deployment. It simplifies employee management and optimizes HR processes with built-in data-driven decision-making capabilities and reporting. Businesses can easily manage employee profiles, track attendance and benefits, and analyze performance indicators. It is a complete system with an HR Operational function, Payroll, and Employee engagement module to give your HR a human touch.


Our mobile development solution allows businesses to create engaging user experiences through mobile apps. Our app development team provides intuitive mobile apps seamlessly integrate existing IT systems and APIs.