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In our two decades of operations, we have seen pitfalls that organizations fall into when they lack the right manpower to secure their IT systems. It has become a challenge to keep up with the latest technologies, as well as to maintain the security and continuity of their business.


To address this need, we formed our own outsourcing and services arm called AMTI IT Managed Services. This division caters to a wide array of IT requirements through a total solutions package that will ensure efficiency in your operations. Whether it’s equipment rental or staff assignment, we customize our solutions based on your organization’s requirements. We go from technical infrastructure management and IT managed services, to hosted security, cloud computing, and IT rental services.


One of the highlights of AMTI’s IT Managed Services is its cloud computing solutions. At present, organizations are heavily relying on online resources for storage and computing needs. They also look for ways to improve their businesses with services that foster growth, increase business agility, and minimize risks while reducing costs.


With cloud computing, enterprises now have a multifaceted ecosystem allowing practical scaling of data and efficient management of resources. AMTI, together with its trusted partners, offer integrated, best-in-class services to modernize your cloud computing requirements with a highly efficient cloud infrastructure.


AMTI is committed to helping your business achieve high-performance, energy-efficient, and secure cloud environments.

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