Audio-visual and IT Integration

Audio-visual and IT Integration

As the world is becoming more digitized, businesses and organizations need to develop their communication systems and devices when transmitting relevant information to the public or within the workplace. From design and consultancy to installation, testing and commissioning of equipment, AMTI’s well-trained team of experts in Audio-visual and IT Integration solutions delivers integrated system and sophisticated communication tools and platforms that best fit your business communication objectives and workspaces.

A platform that combines real-time risk detection, situational awareness, and integrated network response from a single, wide-view angle – to avoid threats and disruptions in business

These are integrated systems and tools (PA/BGM, FOH, BOH, Live Sound, Unified Mass Communication System, Professional Display, Projection systems, Menu Boards, Video wall and LED Wall) that are suitable for transmitting information or messages to the audience or within an organization for the improvement of operations and existing facilities.

These meeting room solutions incorporate digital and smart technologies for better control of IT infrastructures and improve overall productivity and collaboration.

A holistic design that integrates AV and IT – ensuring a unified system and user-friendly interface for more effective communication and maximize productivity.

This service allows businesses to create and manage their digital content without the need to formulate and write codes.