Helping MSMEs transform and adapt to the new normal through Technology

Helping MSMEs transform and adapt to the new normal through Technology

By: Bong Paloma

EVP – Technology, Sales and Marketing


The Micro Small Medium Enterprise (MSME) make up 99% of all establishments in the Philippines today. It has managed to create over 5.7M jobs in the country yet it is still one of the most badly hit sectors especially during this pandemic. The enhanced community quarantine, which was necessarily done to mitigate the spread of the corona virus pandemic, has brought the economic activity almost to a standstill. Thus, to avert the adverse effects of these socio-economic uncertainties, the Philippine Government has put up the “4 Pillar Strategy to defeat the Pandemic”. One of the pillars is meant to provide emergency support to vulnerable groups and individuals with an allocated budget of 595.6B (3.1% of GDP). Under this are 17 types of support classifications, one of them of which is the credit guarantee, through the Philippine Guarantee Corporation (PGC). PGC has earmarked a total of 120B to cater to the bank financing needs of these affected businesses during this crisis.

In light of all these, one of the leading technology companies in the country today, AMTI has put together appropriate digital solutions using new technologies so that affected MSMEs can reinvent their business models. AMTI will work with various financial channels to facilitate easy access to the credit guarantee program so they can acquire the digital bundled solution. By leveraging digital tools and technologies, MSMEs can now actively participate in the commerce of the new normal and would have the necessary tools to ensure their medium and long-term survival.

MSMEs are the backbone of the Philippine society for job creation and economic contribution. They are the pathfinders during the journey to an economic recovery. AMTI, together with their ecosystem of technology partners, will put together affordable and innovative offerings to help MSMEs pivot their business ventures to adopt digital technologies and enable their customers, partners and the local community to survive and thrive in the long term. In doing so, it aims to help turn this crisis into opportunities with proper motivation, determination and purpose.

AMTI, a more than two-decade old organization, is one of the biggest, trusted, and most diversified ICT companies in the Philippines and is likewise a long-time partner of Dell Technologies.  It provides Workforce Transformation solutions to help companies address their pain points and deliver their desired business outcomes.

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AMTI helps businesses in their workforce transformation journey through its Digital Transformation collaborative consulting to identify the gaps, architecture, technology and various steps and processes to deliver the desired business outcomes.