Changing the Way the World is Powered, One Roof at a Time

Changing the Way the World is Powered, One Roof at a Time

by: Laurence Chan

SVP and General Manager for Accensia


At this point of our lives that energy experts have already determined that fossil fuels – our main source of energy for the longest time – will reach complete depletion within 30 to 50 years, renewable energy is not just an alternative anymore but a solution for the gap that crude oil or coal just cannot fill. Likewise, we live in a time wherein modern technology enables us to do just about everything, one of which is the revolution of clean energy and its continuous integration to our daily lives.

The very fact that renewable energy protects our environment is what makes it so promising. Aside from this, the supply is practically endless because unlike fossil fuels, it can be reused and converted as needed. Here in the Philippines, various efforts are already being made to further increase the use of renewable energy, what with wind farms being pioneered in Ilocos Norte and Puerto Galera (making us the top wind energy producer among ASEAN nations), and solar panels being adopted by companies.

For a country that’s hungry for energy but is highly prone to the adverse effects of continued reliance on fossil fuels due to geographical reasons, more and more sectors are now turning to solar energy. We started with the solar farms, then it wasn’t long enough until small businesses, corporations, and even schools saw the viability in renewable energy. And today, it is no longer unusual to see solar panels at the roofs of homeowners as well.

A Brighter Future for Residences

The continued drop in the costs and innovation in the field are driving the increasing demand for solar energy, to the point that even residential owners are now joining the trend. AMTI keeps up with this by being a full turnkey solutions provider not only for business owners, but for residential developers as well. An example of AMTI’s projects on energy management involves the installment of solar panels on the new concrete townhouses at the technologically advanced compound situated in the heart of San Juan City.

The Reraon Townhomes is another mark of Metro Manila Construction & AMTI’s commitment to advocate for renewable energy. Each townhouse employs a 3kW solar PV system with a 12-panel array, contributing to the strides toward a greener, more efficient, and more energy productive country.

“A project of Metro Manila Construction, Reraon Townhomes is comprised of 32 four-storey townhouses with the promise of providing comfort and safety that every family seeks. The project harnesses technology to live up to its commitment of harboring families in a secured and luxurious environment: the units are installed with e-home systems, making all electronics—from the lights and aircon to the pipe-in music—accessible from your gadgets. What makes this project even more state-of-the-art is the installation of solar panels on each unit, thanks to the assistance of AMTI.” - Arch. Egbert S. Chua, Lead Architect for the Reraon Townhomes Project


(The Reraon Townhomes is a project of the Metro Manila Construction. Recognized as one of the leading high-end residential property developers in the country, Metro Manila Construction is known for the quality of its work and the excellence of its workforce.)

Solar is the Way to Go

We are coming of age into the solar generation. If you look at the profile of customers investing in solar energy, they are not what you would expect: They are not just early adopters—they’re people who look at it from both the environmental and financial perspective. Corporations, small businesses, residential developers, and homeowners are all going solar because it saves them money in the long run.

This is the period of transition that every market will have to go through sooner or later, and different segments of the market will grow at a different pace. But whether we decide to start now or in the future, there is no denying that solar is the way to go. And with the continuous growth of the potential of solar energy, more than ever, this is the best time to make the switch.

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Laurence served as the Managing Director of Emerson Network Power Philippines for seven years before joining AMTI in 2008. Now, he is the AMTI’s SVP and GM for Managed Services while also being the SVP for Admin and Finance of AMTI Computers Subic Inc.