How can Managed Services reduce business IT challenges today?

How can Managed Services reduce business IT challenges today?

By: Jerry Domingo

Vice President – IT Managed Services, AMTI


Six months into the lockdown and quarantine period, the National Capital Region and its nearby provinces have witnessed how the on-going pandemic disrupted the business landscape and pushed organizations to pivot and adopt new business models. To do that,  they have to accelerate their digital transformation approach and enforce remote working overnight. Without a doubt, it highlighted the value and importance of technology as businesses seek technology entrepreneurs and advisors to help them navigate and address the gap to execute remote working and IT complexities.

With the rapid adjustments to the new working environment and a distributed workforce, mobility devices, cloud-based applications, secured VPN Internet access, and collaboration and communications tools became immediate needs to stay connected and accessible to applications stored in office premises for businesses to operate efficiently. The augmented and acceleration of IT requirements today overwhelmed the management and workload of one's IT Team.

Now, enter IT Managed Services (IMS). More than ever, the availability and benefit of IMS today became an integral factor for business resilience to support companies move and transform their businesses using digital and remote work strategies.

The Value and Benefit of IMS

IMS provider reduces the burden of managing both the physical and digital IT environments, allowing businesses to improve their financial plans and focus on innovations and other strategic methods to sustain their business and profitability. Here are a few factors to better understand its value and benefits:

- Lessens financial burdens or other expenditures

Technology is imperative for businesses to operate efficiently. Companies incur several costs and invest in    maintaining infrastructure, equipment, software, and people to manage their workflow. Having an IMS provider      helps businesses to cut down expenses and allocate it to other business development plans.

   - Maintenance and Technical Support (On-site and Remote)

A dedicated team of IT and solutions experts and engineers can add value to one's business and manage critical IT workloads. With their strong knack and experiences in the industry, they can provide innovative-customized solutions that fit one's business and get the maximum benefit. Whether on-site or through remote support, they help alleviate the trouble of resolving technical issues such as network downtime, delayed system, software and hardware concerns, and security vulnerabilities, ensuring that everything operates and runs smoothly.

   - End-to-end Managed Security

Today, as most businesses operate through a distributed workforce, vulnerabilities within the IT environment can happen anytime if security is not central, holistic, maintained, and consistent. Outsourced IMS skilled in this solution and technology provides a full range of security information (data protection, threat monitoring, intrusion prevention systems, firewall, and other security systems) for businesses to avoid attackers and protect their tangible and intangible assets 24/7.

While lockdowns and health protocols mandated by our government are still in place, we cannot picture what the future holds for us, especially our economy. Our road to recovery might be far from over, and our current circumstances might remain for a longer time. Business continuity and resilience now mostly depend on digital technologies and a robust and agile IT infrastructure to address a remote workforce's demands.

A business leader's responsibility is to be responsive and build proactive plans dedicated to solutions that can help their business navigate in the new business landscape. Instead of being caught up with the IT challenges today, IMS enables the leaders to focus more on their business's core aspects and take it to new heights.

AMTI caters to a wide array of IT requirements through a total solutions package that can optimize your operations—we customize our solutions based on your organization's demand. We go from technical infrastructure management and IT Managed services to hosted security, cloud computing, and IT rental services.

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