Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

The volume of data available for every organization is massive. In order to make superior strategic and smart decisions, companies need the right information at almost every turn. Explore how big data analytics, operational intelligence, or infrastructure monitoring can further help your enterprise process data that are valuable in making business decisions. AMTI’s expertise in the area of Business Intelligence Analytics lies in understanding our customer to tailor fit the right software solutions according to needs and requirements.

A collection of data from various sources (information assets) processed and analyzed using AI and ML to gain insights and knowledge to make informed or critical business decisions.

Operational Intelligence gives enterprises the ability to do real-time analysis of operational business process, activities, and data for more imperative and tactical decisions.

Responsible for the maintenance and management of the IT infrastructure and operation within a business.

This joint solution delivers extensive enterprise solutions of VMWare’s cloud infrastructure and services and Microsoft azure cloud infrastructure to deliver seamless software-defined compute, storage, networking, and management.

A collective process that analyzes and stores a massive volume of log data generated from various equipment to provide a deep-dive analysis or root cause analysis of a specific network and application problems.

These platforms aid in monitoring and analyzing big and valuable data in business operations to make proactive, crucial and informed decisions.