A Modern DDoS Attacks Mitigation: Protect Your Business

A Modern DDoS Attacks Mitigation: Protect Your Business

Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas
February 11, 2015

Nexusguard, leading player in modern security solutions, together with AMTI, gathered IT leaders and decision makers in an afternoon discussion on cyber risks and threats mitigation.

The event highlighted the following key features of the Nexusguard distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)

- High Capacity Network

The Nexusguard DDoS is backed up by extremely high capacity network globally which provides a security solution that can protect an organization's services, website and reputation against different cyber threats.

- Unique Cyber Security Strategy

The security solution allows an organization to utilize a solution based on its environment's size and complexity. This guarantees convenience in security setup, usage and management.

- Supported and operated by the latest devices and well-trained engineers

Dynamic monitoring, analysis and mitigation of the most up-to-date and even never-before seen application attacks are also made possible by the Nexusguard DDoS protection.