Refresh your Future with AMTI and HPE

Refresh your Future with AMTI and HPE

JULY 2023: AMTI, in partnership with HPE, organized a successful event titled "Refresh Your Future" on July 27, 2023, at the Holiday Inn & Suites Hotel in Makati City. The event aimed to showcase HPE ProLiant Servers and provide valuable insights on leveraging technology for business growth.

The event featured a line-up of distinguished speakers from HPE who shared their expertise with the attendees:

Mr. Gabe Toledo - HPE's Technology Consultant
Mr. Alexis Patrick Romualdo - HPE’s Technology Architect
Ms. Jbhee Pacis - HPE’s Channel Sales
Ms. Mhai Costin - HPE’s Partner Business Manager

During the event, the speakers delved into various topics that could help businesses stay ahead of the curve. These discussions included the cutting-edge capabilities of HPE's featured product and how it can revolutionize business operations. Additionally, they highlighted the enhanced security features of Windows Server 2022 and its ability to optimize IT infrastructure. The comprehensive support and services provided by HPE Tech Care were also discussed, demonstrating HPE's commitment to customer satisfaction.

AMTI representatives played a crucial role in the event. Mr. Rod Mendoza, AMTI's AVP for Product Management Group, delivered the opening remarks, setting the tone for the exciting discussions ahead. Ms. Melanie Fernandez, AMTI's Sales Manager for ISG, gave the closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all the attendees and reaffirming AMTI's dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions.

The event provided attendees with a firsthand look at the impressive HPE ProLiant Servers and their potential to transform business operations. It was an excellent platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and discovering the latest innovations in the IT industry.

AMTI is a silver partner of HPE specializing in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, networking hardware, designing software, and delivering services.

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