Web-scale Infrastructure at Any Scale

Web-scale Infrastructure at Any Scale


Together with technology leading partner Dell, AMTI held an exclusive event for IT leaders and decision makers about the latest Dell XC Series Converged appliance powered by Nutanix.

The afternoon session gave participants knowledge on how they can achieve web-scale IT benefits by using the Dell XC series as building blocks for data centers.

The XC Series appliance web-scale cluster architecture is built on five main tenets:

1. Converged Compute and Storage

Compute and storage resources are blended in an optimal configuration creating a building-block for scaling. It keeps the data close to the VM and allows I/O operations to be localized to each node.

2. Software defined

The XC Series appliance enterprise storage services are provided by the Nutanix Software that powers the appliance.

3. Distributed everything

All data and metadata are distributed and replicated as necessary across the entire cluster. The distribution of data, metadata and operations eliminates resource contention and enables predictable scalability without limits.

4. Self-healing

The XC Series clusters are designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery. Nutanix software also provides automatic load balancing and non-disruptive rolling patches to eliminate maintenance downtime.

5. API-based automation and analytics

The Nutanix software that powers the XC Series appliances uses highly efficient API-based algorithms and powerful analytics that provide heavy automation and enhances operational efficiency, which lowers the total cost of ownership.