Industrial Automation / Internet of Things (IoT)

Industrial Automation / Internet of Things (IoT)

Industrial Automation or Internet of Things (IoT) allows businesses to use technology to minimize manual effort: making the manufacturing process achieve efficiency, safety, and streamlined process. AMTI understands the rigors of applying such electronic controls and other network equipment to the discrete manufacturing and process industries. Our products address industrial concerns, input power disturbances, extreme temperature exposure, and installation in hazardous and non-hazardous locations.

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An integrated system designed to control the operation of machines for better industrial production.

Through the use sensors, gateway and data capture devices allows the real time monitoring of the critical parameters of machines such as noise, vibration, temperature thus allowing the possibility to detect and predict potential system

An efficient way of monitoring and optimizing your industrial operations to reduce risks or failure of machines and control its performance.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) ensures the efficiency of the manufacturing process and production outcomes.

A system designed to monitor and control hazardous materials such as temperature, humidity, gas, dust, and water – ensuring the safety and quality of the factory environment.

Platform for real-time monitoring of energy usage with historical trending and analytics to optimizes energy consumptions.

This system allows robots to carry out specific manufacturing and industrial process – making it more precise, better quality and reduces production time.

This centralizes the system for better control and monitoring of your manufacturing operations such as ventilation, energy
operations, fire systems, and other utilities.

This enables businesses and organizations to transform and maintain smart cities for the overall improvement of city infrastructures, assets, and operations.

A hardware or software program that connects other devices such as IoT devices, cloud, and smart devices for processing and collection of data.