Managed Services

Managed Services

Reliance on technology has been increasing in businesses. Having insufficiency of security and right adequate support of IT resources can be critical for your business operations.  To address this need, AMTI caters to a wide array of IT requirements through a total solutions package that can optimize your operations –we customize our solutions based on your organization’s demand. We go from technical infrastructure management and IT services to hosted security, cloud computing, and IT rental services.

Seamless, contextual, and predictive analytics-based support services to guide enterprises their digital transformation through an effective framework that combines
services, people, processes, and

A comprehensive solution to create, support, and maintain one’s IT infrastructure and its operation such as back-up, data recovery, on premise storage services, and maintenance support.

An all-inclusive solution that provides enterprises hardware, software, life-cycle services, and managed services in a single

Cloud computing allows organizations to access different tools and application (such as storage, servers, databases, and network) over the internet for rapid innovation.

Managed print services allow organizations to manage and optimize their print infrastructure and secure document output.

It is a full range of service by providing security information (data protection, threat monitoring, intrusion prevention systems, firewall, and other security systems) to businesses to protect their tangible and intangible assets.