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Accent Micro Technologies Inc. (AMTI) is dedicated to ensuring the comprehensive protection of your personal data privacy, adhering to the provisions of Republic Act No. 10173, also recognized as the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA).

In every circumstance, we guarantee that the processing of your personal data will strictly adhere to the DPA, with a particular emphasis on the general data privacy principles of Transparency, Legitimate Purpose, and Proportionality.


Information We Collect

AMTI collects information that you provide to us, including: (i) name, company name, job title, address, email address, and phone number; (ii) gender, age, date of birth, nationality, professional associations, and registration numbers; (iii) financial information needed for payment processing, such as credit card or account information, or tax identification number; and (iv) information about your preferences, such as your preferred communication methods and the types of products you are interested in.


Purpose of Collection and Processing of Data

While your consent may be solicited to process your personal data, we may also process personal data without your consent, such as when processing is according to our mandate or when processing is allowed under Section 12 or Section 13 of the DPA.

In these instances, your personal data is utilized for the following purposes:

1. Develop and manage business relationships, including delivering requested services, providing information about our products and services, ensuring a consistent interaction experience, and fulfilling contractual commitments.

2. Communicate with individuals or companies, including informing them of our products, services, and promotions, providing relevant information such as pricing, technical data, and invoices, and responding to inquiries. Additionally, inviting you to participate in customer satisfaction or market research surveys.

3. Enhance and tailor our products and services to your preferences, improve compatibility with your technology, ensure security, and innovate by developing new products and services.

4. Address legal issues, including compliance with record retention obligations, establishment and defense of legal claims, adherence to laws and regulations, detection and response to fraud or misuse, and protection of AMTI's and others' rights, property, and well-being.


To Whom Do We Disclose Data  

We may disclose your data or information of our Employees, Authorized Representatives, Trainees, and Consultants, Contractors, and Business Partners, including Auditors, and Government Entities.   In this regard, we ensure that our employees and trainees commit to observe the privacy policies of the Company. We require our Authorized Representatives and Consultants to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), to ensure that they process your data confidentially in a manner consistent with the purpose of their employment or engagement.

We require our contractors, subsidiaries, and business partners, through a Data Processing, Data Sharing, or Outsourcing Agreements, as applicable, and/or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), to secure and keep your data confidential. We take your privacy seriously so punitive or legal action will be initiated in case of proven misdeed. Moreover, we do not allow our contractors, subsidiaries, and business partners to disclose or share your data to others, or to use it for their own purposes, without your consent.  Your information may also be disclosed to government entities pursuant to and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, subpoena or court order.


Storage Period

We may keep your information only for as long as necessary:

1. For the fulfillment of the declared, specified, and legitimate purposes provided above, or when the processing relevant to the purpose has been completed or terminated;

2. For the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims; or

3. For other business purposes, that are consistent with standards established or approved by regulatory agencies.


Data Protection and Security Measures

We protect your personal information through a blend of organizational, physical, and technical security measures in alignment with widely accepted data privacy and information security standards.



Physical records shall be disposed of through shredding, while digital files shall be rendered unidentifiable. In all instances, our manner of disposal shall ensure that the personal information shall no longer be retrieved, processed, or accessed.


Data Privacy Rights

Your data privacy rights are protected by the Philippine Data Privacy Act of 2012. This law states that you have the right to:


1. Be informed. You must be advised if your personal data will be or has been processed. This includes the existence of automated decision-making and profiling in select transactions.

2. Access. You have the right to reasonable access, upon written request, the contents of your personal data that were processed and the manner by which these were processed; the sources from which these were obtained; the recipients and reasons for disclosure, if any; date when your information was last modified; and information on automated processes where your information will be made as the sole basis for any decision that may significantly affect you.

3. Rectify incorrect data. You have the right to correct any error in your personal data and, if warranted, request immediate rectification.

4. Erase or block. You have, based on reasonable grounds, the right to suspend, withdraw or order the blocking, removal, or destruction of your personal data from AMTI's filing system, without prejudice to AMTI continuing to process personal data for commercial, operational, legal, and regulatory purposes.

5. Secure data portability. Where your personal data is processed by electronic means and in a structured and commonly used format, you have the right to obtain a copy of it from AMTI for your further use if the same is still stored by AMTI.

6. File a complaint. You may file a complaint or exercise your rights above by reaching out to our Data Protection Officer in the contact details provided below:

Email: [email protected]
Attention: Data Protection Officer


Changes to our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy at any time in accordance with the relevant laws.  If we do so, we will publish our latest Privacy Policy at

View AMTI National Privacy Commission (NPC) Certificate here.