Software and Healthcare Solutions

Software and Healthcare Solutions

In order to mitigate the risk of software development and accelerate the time to market, organization needs a new way of developing applications. Companies should look at building DevOps and adapt continuous integration and continuous development techniques powered by agile platform and infrastructure.

One of the industries where we have applied such modern technique is in the Healthcare industry. We have developed an embedded and cloud based Electronic Health Record mobile application that addresses some of the pressing issues of medical practitioners and both public and private health insurance companies. Our solution is open for integration and can be deployed as an overlay solution to existing hospital systems.

Through our healthcare solutions partners, we are able to develop innovative hospital applications and systems that improve productivity and provide better outcomes for the healthcare industry.

An innovative financial system that is tightly integrated into the Hospital’s Information System (HIS) for accurate billing and reporting of the Hospital’s financial performance and standing.

Software that streamlines the process of managing and storing electronic documents and communication within an organization.

This technology delivers mobility and streamlines clinical workflow allowing clinicians to record SOAP notes and other diagnostics at the point of care. It also provides clinicians secure access to patients’ historical medical records in perpetuity anytime and anywhere using their authenticated mobile device.

An efficient and integrated system designed to manage the aspects of hospital operations; such as the clinical, administrative, and financial.