Work from Home Business Bundle Solution

Work-from-Home Business Bundle Solution

AMTI understands the challenges most businesses face today when it comes to putting the right processes and technology to adapt and respond to the business demands of the new normal. Because of this, AMTI designed a Work-from-Home (WFH) Business Bundle Solution for companies, particularly micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), including email systems, office productivity tools, online file sharing, and video conferencing tool, and more.

The bundled solution of AMTI will enable MSMEs to embrace and harness the value of the WFH setup. Its practical approach and affordability will allow companies to quickly adapt to the digital-driven world, ensure their medium and long-term survival, and prepare them to be future-ready businesses.

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Major Brands

Word, Spreadsheet/Excel, PowerPoint, etc. using Microsoft Office Tools. 

Communicate and collaborate efficiently using Microsoft Exchange. 

Automate day-to-day repetitive and manual business processes, file, sign, and approve requests online using DocuKit Document Tracking System.

Meet and attend meetings and events using MS Teams and store and share files anytime and anywhere online using MS One Drive.