About AMTI

Trusted and leading partner

Over the years, we have earned numerous awards and certifications from global IT companies, making us trusted and leading partner. These citations give our clients confidence that we deliver solutions at the highest standards.

The most diversified technology company in the Philippines

Since our Inception in 1996, AMTI has been at the forefront in building partnerships with some of the World’s leading brands in technology.

We pride ourselves for being 100% Filipino-owned company that started as hardware provider, and has now evolved into the country’s most diversed technology company.

More than 3,000 clients nationwide

Our customer base covers more than 3,000 clients across the Philippines, and has placed continued trust in our innovative technology solutions.


AMTI’s growing roster of customer comprises large enterprises, government units, hospitals, and private sectors.

Our Mission

AMTI harnesses Filipino ingenuity to deliver holistic and integrated technology plans and systems to address Filipino issues and help businesses deliver their products and services more efficiently and cost-effectively, thus allowing them to be more competitive in their respective industries.

Our Vision

We aim to be the “go-to” company for innovative technological solutions in the Philippines – the de-facto choice of organizations seeking ways to transform and expand their businesses through technology.

Our Leaders

AMTI's leaders have been instrumental to the continued growth and progress of the organization. Their relevant number of years in the industry, as well as their acquired expertise on various fields in technology, have driven AMTI towards a strong position in today's higly competitive market. More importantly, priority is always given to the welfare and development of those who work with the company.


Executive Vice President - Technology, Sales and Marketing


President - Amarantos


Senior Vice President & General Manager - Accensia


Senior Vice President - Enterprise Sales Group


Senior Vice President - Finance & Operations


Senior Vice President - HR & Admin