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Empowering SMEs through technology: AMTI is Ureka Forum’s Official Technology Partner


AMTI recently joined the Philippines’ first ever mass conversion of small to medium enterprises into e-commerce. The event called Ureka Forum, gathered entrepreneurs in Baguio and encouraged them to bring their businesses online. This was made possible through UnionBank and its consortium partners namely Air21, DragonPay, Panahon TV, PLDT SME Nation, Shopinas, Janette Toral and GeiserMaclang. AMTI joins this roster as the forum’s official technology expert partner.

With the goal of advocating business innovation through e-commerce, the Ureka Forum engaged local entrepreneurs with several business and technology seminars and workshops. The forum which was held in Baguio last October 3, 2015 created an avenue for networking, collaboration, technology talks and hands on experience on how to enable SMEs business online.

AMTI also provided 60 laptops for the e-Commerce Circuit area, a dedicated workshop where programmers and entrepreneurs work together to develop their website and enable their businesses online.

Alongside other consortium partners, AMTI also had a booth featuring small to medium business technology solutions that showcased the latest ICT hardware and  solutions.

“The Internet is now our global stage and it’s within our reach. Let us harness our God-given talent and our natural resources to create wealth and make every SME entrepreneur an agent of sustainable economic development,” said AMTI’s SVP & GM for ICT Solutions, Josefino “Bong” Paloma. As one of the speakers during the forum, Paloma discussed how local entrepreneurs can harness the use of technology to level the business playing field and extend their market reach in order to grow their business.

 “Ingenuity is innate in our humanity, we can use this to build products and services using locally sourced materials and talents that we can offer to the world.”

The Ureka Forum served as a platform for economic empowerment. Local entrepreneurs can now bring their businesses to the next level with customized solutions in a digital environment.




Modernizing the Government through Virtualization

DSC 0433

AMTI with its virtualization partners namely, VMware, Veeam and Trend Micro, gathered IT leaders from the government for an afternoon discussion about the latest technologies for government agencies. The session was meant to address present challenges being faced by the said industry.

A line-up of talks about the importance of security and the newest virtualization technologies was shared by AMTI.

Other key topics included Veaam’s availability for the modern data center. 

1. High-speed recovery

Veeam’s backup & replication provides a wide-range of recovery scenarios from virtual machine, file-level to application item recovery.

2. Data Loss Avoidance

With a 2-in-1 built in backup & replication, Veeam’s latest features can help avoid data loss.

3. Verified Protection

Veeam’s sure backup and sure replica can help restore files, applications and virtual servers through automated backup and disaster recovery testing without affecting the production environment.

4. Leveraged Data

With Veeam’s backup and replication, government agencies can run their data on their backup file and create an isolated network on their data center without affecting their production environment.

5. Complete Visibility

Veeam provides a centralized management infrastructure for monitoring, deep analysis and reporting.




A Modern DDoS Attacks Mitigation: Protect Your Business

Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas
February 11, 2015

Nexusguard, leading player in modern security solutions, together with AMTI, gathered IT leaders and decision makers in an afternoon discussion on cyber risks and threats mitigation.

The event highlighted the following key features of the Nexusguard distributed denial-of-service (DDoS)

- High Capacity Network

The Nexusguard DDoS is backed up by extremely high capacity network globally which provides a security solution that can protect an organization's services, website and reputation against different cyber threats.

- Unique Cyber Security Strategy

The security solution allows an organization to utilize a solution based on its environment's size and complexity. This guarantees convenience in security setup, usage and management.

- Supported and operated by the latest devices and well-trained engineers

Dynamic monitoring, analysis and mitigation of the most up-to-date and even never-before seen application attacks are also made possible by the Nexusguard DDoS protection.



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