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Web-scale Infrastructure at Any Scale


Together with technology leading partner Dell, AMTI held an exclusive event for IT leaders and decision makers about the latest Dell XC Series Converged appliance powered by Nutanix.

The afternoon session gave participants knowledge on how they can achieve web-scale IT benefits by using the Dell XC series as building blocks for data centers.

The XC Series appliance web-scale cluster architecture is built on five main tenets:

1. Converged Compute and Storage

Compute and storage resources are blended in an optimal configuration creating a building-block for scaling. It keeps the data close to the VM and allows I/O operations to be localized to each node.

2. Software defined

The XC Series appliance enterprise storage services are provided by the Nutanix Software that powers the appliance.

3. Distributed everything

All data and metadata are distributed and replicated as necessary across the entire cluster. The distribution of data, metadata and operations eliminates resource contention and enables predictable scalability without limits.

4. Self-healing

The XC Series clusters are designed to tolerate component failures through fault isolation and automatic recovery. Nutanix software also provides automatic load balancing and non-disruptive rolling patches to eliminate maintenance downtime.

5. API-based automation and analytics

The Nutanix software that powers the XC Series appliances uses highly efficient API-based algorithms and powerful analytics that provide heavy automation and enhances operational efficiency, which lowers the total cost of ownership.




Dell Networking Solutions: IT Building Blocks of the Future


AMTI together with industry leading partner Dell, gathered IT leaders, managers and specialists for a morning discussion about the latest networking solutions from Dell.

The event entitled Dell Networking Solutions: IT Building Blocks of the Future was held at Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati last October 28, 2015. The participants were provided with insight on how they can help their customers, by adopting Dell networking solutions to maximize the efficiency of Data Centers.

Networking is becoming simpler, more open and affordable for companies of all sizes. Here are the industry trends for Networking to create more opportunities for innovation.

      1. Rise of acceptance and availability of Open Networking.

The development of an open, flexible and adaptable solution lead to a new era of open networking which is currently fast gaining availability and acceptance. Innovations and continuous release of new platforms lead to a full-scale disruption of networking supply chains and software.

2. Transforming the efficiency of IT.

Accelerating the transition towards a more efficient and effective enterprise computing environment through modernization and the development of an open, flexible and adaptable solution.

3. Convergence now more accessible

Convergence is taking the leap to become more accessible amongst organizations. High-density converged solutions have started reaching widespread adoption within SMBs, complementing the revolutionary densities already provided by virtualization.

4. Improved user experience through Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking (SDN) presents an innovative approach to solving enterprise challenges. SDN offers a centralized, programmable network that can dynamically meet business changing needs.

5. Increased performance potentials

With companies increasingly relying on Wi-Fi to power today’s mobile workforces, the emergence of multi-rate Ethernet will enable new performance multiples. 



Dell Workstation Strategic Workshop


AMTI, together with industry leading partners Dell and Autodesk, held an exclusive workstation workshop gathering IT leaders, engineers and design professionals.

The event called Dell Workstation Strategic Workshop provided insight on the latest high-performance and certified workstations, and Autodesk design software. The participants experienced stunning designs by AutoCAD using Dell Precision machine.

AutoCAD 2016 by Autodesk highlighted the following key features:

1. Stunning Visual Experience

Maximize ROI to provide faster performance and improved readability which enables users to see drawings more clearly. Visual enhancements such as Line Fading and True Curves are also available with the latest AutoCAD software.

2. Coordination Model

Create detailed drawings and design within the context of existing BIM models to avoid clashes and reduce coordination time.

3. Smart Dimensioning

Speed up detailing work as AutoCAD automatically creates appropriate dimensions based on drawing contexts. Preview dimensions before creating by hovering the cursor over selected objects.

4. Reality Computing

Automatically transform point clouds to 2D drawings. Extract edges, corners and floor plans and orient work with the point cloud.

5. Sysvar Monitor

Prevent unwanted changes in design work with received alerts based on preferred settings.

6. Enhanced PDFs

Produce documents faster with smaller, smarter and more searchable PDF files. Better performance is also available when attaching PDF files to drawings.

7. Revision Clouds

Create and modify revisions on cloud more easily. With the enhanced Revision Cloud tool, quickly identify updates around new changes. New options for rectangular, polygonal and freehand are also now available.




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